The Best .308 Scope You Can Buy

The.308 is a timeless well-rounded searching cartridge. It could be discharged from lots of various rifles, from ARs to armed forces tactical rifles, to your old-fashioned wood-barreled hunting rifle!

Its benefits include low recoil, low power usage, as well as extended barrel life. We enjoy it since it’s very easy to refill, doesn’t create a lot of recoils, as well as is typically extremely precise within 250-300 yards.

Considering that .308 caliber rifles are so varied, it could be hard to find the best scope for both your cartridge and your weapon. There are thousands of .308 scopes available online, as well as just a couple of having been developed for the.308. They’re difficult to locate, as well as between shopping as well as comparing, you’ll be squandering a lot of time online when you might be out on the range!

We’ve obtained you covered. We researched especially to discover the very best scopes for the .308 cartridge, so you can invest more time capturing!

We looked for .308-specific attributes and also modifications, strong construct top quality, and solid warranty protection.

Below, you could review our full, extensive reviews of our 3 favored ranges for the .308. We have actually additionally created a listing of tips to think of while you’re comparing extents.

Ideal Scope for .308 rifles
1. Leupold VX-2 3-9 × 40 with duplex reticle

The .308 platform is old-school in a lot of ways. It makes a whole lot of sense that one of the finest extents for the cartridge is traditional! This 3-9 magnifying eyepiece has definitely excellent develop high quality, and the glass is the most effective you could do without rising to something like a Swarovski, which would certainly be excessive for a .308 to place things slightly. It’s crisp, trusted, as well as rugged as you can desire!


One of the vital features that make the Leupold stick out from the pack from the first look is its brilliant, clear glass. This is merely a great set of lenses! They’re computer-engineered to be definitely flawless, and also it’s hard to tell the difference between this and also scopes twice as expensive. The top quality is especially apparent around the sides, where less well-engineered glass has distortion. The Leupold remains clear as a bell right to the edges of your line of vision!

The glass pairing, with a 3-9x4omm specification, is a timeless searching array. You can conveniently cloverleaf at 100 lawns in low-light conditions, sub-MOA at 300 yards, and also MOA at 400. We would certainly recommend this one for as for 500 lawns, although most of us do not fire.308’s at those distances. It’s definitely excellent for the.308’s variety!

The unbiased lens is the real celebrity of the program when it concerns the Leupold’s glass. It provides a vast field of view and allows a surprising amount of light in. You would not expect a scope at this price to be so good in low-light conditions, but the VX-2 is outstanding at the start as well as the end of the day.

The secret to the Leupold’s wonderful light transmission and also color quality is the index-matching system the business usage. They check as well as compare different lens accounts to combine lenses with the smallest resemblances, so you could obtain as close to flawless as possible. Both lenses likewise have blackened sides to minimize glare and also diffusion.

Inside, there’s a straightforward duplex reticle which is all we believe you really require on a searching rifle like a. 308. It’s a second focal airplane version, so it’ll remain the very same size regardless of what you finish with the zoom.

The change knobs have finger-click stops for tweaking windage and also elevation. They feel terrific for the cost, even if they’re not quite as good as the ultra-premium Leupold knobs. We do not think.308 seekers are most likely to have any complaints!

The reticle is exclusive, as well as incorporates some of the best facets of mil-dot, BDC, and other technical views. (Learn more on the current weapon specifications!) There’s a special marking system for windage changes, and the black mil-dot crosshairs show up in even reduced lights.

The VX-2’s eye relief is generous, and this one has Leupold’s signature eyebox. It creates adaptable installing and also provides you instant target procurement from numerous positions.

It’s tough, yet it’s likewise incredibly light! The tube is aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum, as well as it’s a typical 1 ″ size. It’s shocking as well as waterproofed inside with an argon and krypton gas blend. The big molecules reduce gas diffusion even better compared to nitrogen-purge methods. Plus, they take the threat of thermal shock virtually entirely out of the photo.

It looks superb in a matte finish, which is just what we’re suggesting below. You can also discover the VX-2 in gloss finishing, and also with various reticle choices like BDC’s. We think duplex and also matte tend to be the very best pairing for .308 hunting, yet you can also suit your private choices.

The VX-2, like a lot of Leupold’s, is very low-maintenance and also holds no flawlessly.

It’s made in the USA, and also if you could find a solitary situation of something failing with among these, we would certainly be surprised. This one holds up to recoil amazingly well, and also has an impressive toughness document.

Like all Leupold’s, it’s covered with a transferable lifetime warranty and is backed by amazing client service.

This is substantially less costly than our other suggestions, yet as long as you’re within its variety, it can absolutely hold its very own versus those versions.


The only quibble we have with the VX-2 itself is that it’s a two-piece tube. They’re naturally less rugged than one-piece tubes, given that you have an additional seam that could go south. Nevertheless, we have not seen any records of concerns with this one, as well as if you must face trouble, the people at Leupold have the best credibility for service in the business.

You must likewise recognize that this is a much simpler scope than either the Burris or the Vortex. If you like lots of adjustments and additional attributes, you might locate that it’s worth the extra money to go for one of them. There’s no advantage in terms of build quality or quality, though.